Nominate A Family - NEW Heating and A/C Unit

Rules and Specifications- Heating and Air Giveaway

  1. The Heating and A/C Unit will be given away to a Homeowner only. (No Renters) Homeowner must live in the home. The winning family will be victim of flooding, Hurricane damage, and or winds related to Hurricane Matthew.
  2. Unit will be up to a five ton Residential Electric Unit System.
  3. System Only. Ductwork is not included. 
  4. Winner will reside in Horry or Georgetown County.
  5. System will include 10 year Manufacturer Warranty and One Year NMB HVAC warranty
  6. A panel of three or more judges will evaluate all submissions and choose winner. Judgment of the panel will be final. 
  7. Listeners may nominate by calling, faxing, mailing, emailing, and responding via this website or 
  8. All rules are subject to change without notice. 
  9. Any and all decisions regarding this promotion shall be made by EASY Radio, Town Planner, and NMB HVAC and shall be final. 
  10. The final winner shall release and hold harmless Byrne Acquisition Group, Town Planner, and NMB HVAC from all issues involving the unit. 
  11. Nominations Accepted through December 5, 2016
  12. Winner will be announced shortly after. 

The Official Relaxation Station. EASY 105.9 and EASY 100.7 - Phone-843.903.9962