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January 2017 - 

NY Times bestselling Author Beatriz Williams is coming to Litchfield in early 2017 to talk about her new book,  THE WICKED CITY.  The book is a terrific period piece, set in both prohibition era and contemporary NYC. It is a delicious character driven novel with layers of plot revealed carefully.  Click here to listen to the Scott Richards interview with Beatriz.

Sebastian Barry releases his latest, DAYS WITHOUT END in January. Set during the Civil war, the novel follows two Irish teenage boys, Thomas McNulty and John Cole, refugees from the Famine and emigres to America, as they fight in the Indian and Civil wars of the 19th century. It’s a novel about war, immigration, and the violent making of America, but it’s also a moving love story between two gay men. 

Want ridiculous? Funny? Then get ready for Tim Dorsey's new Clownfish Blues. No way to describe Serge and Coleman except to say they are not your typical characters! Full of chuckles and craziness. 

We love the work of Lisa Gardner and her new book is coming this month.Right Behind You will not disappoint fans of thriller mysteries. Here's the Interview we did on January 30th- 

What You Break by Reed Farrel Colemancomes out February 7th and we can't wait! He is known as one of the greatest voices in crime fiction! We've got the interview set to go.

Burning Bright by Nick Petrie is similar in style and tone to the Jack Reacher books, but completely different too. He's ex military living in the back of his modified pick up truck. He solves problems and won't walk away from trouble. He has some back up with a few savory characters. Super strong plot and characters from this new writer!

The Easy Radio Book Club - 2017 - We Recommend: