Here's what's in our stack of books to read:

July 2017 - 

Deadfall - Linda Fairstein - This former NYC District Attorney for Sex Crimes knows New York, knows crime, and knows how to write a thriller. Alex Cooper is the D.A. on the other side of the interrogation after witnessing the murder of her boss. Terrific page turner. Click Here to Listen to our interview.

JUNE 2017 - 

The Child - Fiona Barton - A stunning mystery from NY Times Bestseller. The bones of an infant are found at a construction site near London. Newspaper reporter Kate starts the search for the identity of the child. Three other women are drawn to the story, and each, in their own way bring dark pasts to the investigation. Click Here to hear the interview with Scott Richards and Fiona Barton.

The Force - Don Winslow - Hard, harsh, and gritty. NYPD Detective is a good cop, and a dirty cop. It's complicated. And violent. And a riveting novel. LISTEN to the Interview.

Unsub - Meg Gardiner - After a 20 year hiatus, "The Prophet" is a serial killer on the loose in San Francisco, . Caitlin is a young, inexperienced detective consumed by case, in no small part because her Dad, a retired detective, failed to solve the case long ago. Not for the faint of heart, "Unsub" is terrifying and thrilling. Inspired by the infamous Zodiac killer. We read it in one solid day. LISTEN to the Interview.

The Shadow Land - By Elizabeth Kostova, author of The Historian, which remains one of our favorites from the past decade. This one is set in Bulgaria, both contemporary and post World War Two. Alexandra Boyd comes into the possession of an Urn with human ashes. All she wants to do is return them to the rightful owner. But so much history and mystery is involved, it isn't an easy task. Wonderful writing. 

The Marsh King's Daughter - By Karen Dionne. Riveting story of a woman who spent the first 12 years of her life isolated in an upper Michigan cabin completely separated from all except her father and the woman he kidnapped 15 years before. Her mother. 

Killers of The Flower Moon - The Osage Murders and The Birth of the FBI. Vicky at Bookends said this one kept her completely engrossed page by page! And she was right! Exceptional non fiction about the murder of Osage Indians in Oklahoma in the 1920's and 30's and the birth of the FBI. 

EXIT STRATEGY by Steve Hamilton is the follow up to The Second Life of Nick Mason, which captured our attention when published last year. 

May 2017 - 

Book lovers, get ready for Pamela Paul's My Life With Bob - Flawed Heroine keeps Book of Books, Ploy Ensues. True book lovers will get it. We are a different breed. Loved this whole book experience!

Historical Fiction doesn't come any better than wherever Nathaniel Philbrick puts his focus. Valient Ambition - George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of The American Revolution. Who knew? Benedict Arnold was far more complicated than we assumed, as was the whole long drawn out war of independence. 

April 2017 - 

Fall Out - Sara Paretsky - This one is a bit different - V.I. Warshawski heads to Kansas, and it sure ain't Chicago! Always outstanding character and style. 

March 2017 - 

We've waited years for the full trilogy to be complete. Southern Gothic Mystery at it's very best - Greg Iles completes the story with Mississippi Blood. Exceptional, but read the books in order!

Pam Jenoff's The Orphan's Tale in trade paperback arrived on my desk. Not sure how I missed this wonderful book at original release!

February 2017 - 

Luscious, wonder filled, and perfect setting - Christina Baker Kline's A Piece of The World. 

If you love Hollywood History, then dig into Glenn Frankel's High Noon - The Hollywood Blacklist and Making of an American Classic. 

January 2017 - 

NY Times bestselling Author Beatriz Williams is coming to Litchfield in early 2017 to talk about her new book,  THE WICKED CITY.  The book is a terrific period piece, set in both prohibition era and contemporary NYC. It is a delicious character driven novel with layers of plot revealed carefully.  Click here to listen to the Scott Richards interview with Beatriz.

Sebastian Barry releases his latest, DAYS WITHOUT END in January. Set during the Civil war, the novel follows two Irish teenage boys, Thomas McNulty and John Cole, refugees from the Famine and emigres to America, as they fight in the Indian and Civil wars of the 19th century. 

We love the work of Lisa Gardner and her new book is coming this month.Right Behind You will not disappoint fans of thriller mysteries. Here's the Interview we did on January 30th- 

What You Break by Reed Farrel Colemancomes out February 7th and we can't wait! He is known as one of the greatest voices in crime fiction! We've got the interview set to go.

Burning Bright by Nick Petrie is similar in style and tone to the Jack Reacher books, but completely different too. He's ex military living in the back of his modified pick up truck. He solves problems and won't walk away from trouble. He has some back up with a few savory characters. Super strong plot and characters from this new writer!

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