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Best Script Practices

  • Let us write your radio copy! This is what we do everyday. We've learned what works best and what to avoid.
  • Radio is all about image and story telling. Radio commercials should never be a shopping list of items and pricing.
  • Comedy in radio commercials is HARD to pull off. Stay away from humor.
  • Conversational commercials are HARD to execute.
  • Listeners expect information presented in a clear, straightforward manner.
  • Fancy production with explosions, sound effects and echo does not equal effective radio.
  • Best simple in all things. Language. Style.
  • Avoid all catch phrases at all times.
  • Make sure every commercial has a primary, clear, and easy to follow theme and main point.
  • Be personal. Commercials on the radio give you the best possible chance to say hello, hi, and hope to see you soon!