The Relaxation Station

Contest Rules

Fidelity Broadcasting Contest Rules:

1) Must be at least 21 years of age to enter all contests unless otherwise noted.
2) (new)  You may win ONE PRIZE every 14 DAYS ACROSS ALL CONTESTS unless otherwise noted.
3) You may win once every 60 days for Classic Trivia with Jim Morgan.
4) Employees of Fidelity Broadcasting are NOT eligible for any contests or promotions conducted on the radio stations.
5) Sponsors of specific promotions are NOT eligible to participate in promotions in which they are involved. Employees of same sponsors are not eligible under the same parameters.
6) All participants in all contests and or promotions accept all responsibilities and liability for all aspects of promotions and contests.
7) Fidelity Broadcasting has no liability whatsoever for any prizes for any contest provided by clients and/or promotional partners. Listeners and/or contest winners accept all responsibility for prizes.
8) Prizes are awarded to specific listeners and/or contest winners. They may NOT be transferred without specific approval of Fidelity Broadcasting.
9) Listener/Contest winners are responsible for timely redemption of any prize.
10) ALL contest winners must pick up their prize within 30 days of date of winning.
11) All contest and/or prize winners agree to provide name, address, phone, email, date of birth, and other information to be maintained in the Fidelity Broadcasting database.
12) Rules are subject to change without notice. All decisions made by Fidelity Broadcasting shall be final.

All questions regarding contests with Fidelity Broadcasting should be directed to the General Manager - 843-903-9962 ext 103